Are online casinos a welcome alternative to football matches? –

Unfortunately, league football doesn’t take place for twelve months of the year so sometimes fans need to find an alternative.

With the growth of online and the close links between football and gambling, it’s only natural that many fans who fancy a punt are turning to online casinos.

Right now the links between football and gambling has arguably never been stronger with many professional football clubs now being sponsored by gambling companies.

As an example, seventeen of the twenty four sides in the Football League Championship are currently sponsored by betting firms while in the Premier League the figure is nine out of twenty. Those stats mean that 60% of clubs in the top two divisions have clear betting connections so it’s certainly fair to say that football and betting is closely connected. Our near neighbours Stoke City are even owned by the Coates family who are owners of one of the UK’s biggest betting firms. It’s fair to say gambling firms are big players in the modern game.

Betting and football have certainly been close friends for many, many years. Anyone watching the recent World Cup competition during the summer could not fail to notice the number of betting adverts which were aired during the games. It seems like the British general public has a real enthusiasm for taking a punt on the latest sporting action unfolding before their eyes – whether that sport is football, cricket, golf, boxing or even motor racing.

However, perhaps you are disinterested in taking a punt on football matches in particular? After all, it’s a somewhat unpredictable sport and it can sometimes be difficult to predict exactly what may happen over the ninety minutes.

So what are you to do if you want to explore any other gambling opportunities online? There are certainly loads of different options which can make things for beginners a little bit of a minefield. And they don’t have to necessarily involve betting on sporting action as other online gambling sites on many other topics are also available.

But often the many online choices can be both bewildering and confusing. How can you make an informed choice with so many thousands of sites out there to pick from? Are there really any useful websites out there which can help the novice or indeed the intermediate punter make an educated choice?

Well, you may want to try for a start. It’s one of those really handy websites which shows you the very latest and best casinos and any current offers.

There’s a simple two-choice filter which allows you to filter to show the best-rated casinos or to show casinos by payment method (such as Paypal, debit card etc). It’s a really easy to use site and is a great way of finding the best sites and the best offers.

It would certainly be our recommended first destination as your initial choice to use in order to make an informed decision on online casinos. But do remember, you should only ever stake within your means and gamble what you can afford. We wish you the very best of luck.