How to use Welcome Bonuses to Make Money in Online Slots – SWNS Stories

Conventional slots are machines where you can play in exchange for a certain amount of money and, if you get lucky and win, you receive all the cash inside it. In slots, the goal of the game is to at achieve the largest possible coincidence of symbols to win a prize. This kind of game has been very popular in casinos, gambling parlors and bars for decades, but it has evolved and thanks to the Internet, now they have their place in the online gambling universe too.

Online slots have become one of the favorite leisure activities in recent times. Specifically, according to the latest data published by research surveys, the money invested in online gambling machines increased over the past year by 37.26%, representing a total investment of more than 919€ million in Europe. The main attractive of this kind of game is the chance to play online from everywhere and earn some extra money while having fun, since they are very simple to play with. Online casinos offer well over 1000 slots from leading top providers, and if you’re a fan of online slots you definitely won’t run out of games to play. And, since people like to play in order to get a prize, most online casinos have created a variety of bonuses to encourage players to try their luck such as welcome bonuses and no deposit free spins.

The best online slot bonuses

Welcome Bonuses

They consists of an amount of money given by the casino to new customers when they register, and they come in two different ways:

Deposit bonus

The deposit bonus is a percentage of the amount of money you have bet, and the amount is limited. They oftem come in fomulas such as “50% bonus up to a maximum of 150 euros”. Bonus percentages can be 50%, 100%, 200%, 300% and even more. You must read carefully and understand the conditions on reimbursement limits and requirements.

Non-deposit bonus

It is one of the most used by those who like to wager online without risk. Usually you get an amount between 5 and 20 euros when you register at a casino, and you can use it in your bets. You don’t need additional, “real” money to place a bet.


In this type of bonus, the casino reimburses you a percentage of the lost money.

Free spins without deposit

Free spins no deposit UK are the most popular choice among online casino players because they do not require a deposit with real money. You can get them free of charge and they may come with or without wagering requirements.

Free spins with deposits

There are packages deposit bonuses at online casinos that sometimes include free spins. They come with specific betting requirements and can only be obtained after making a deposit with real money.

How to win at online slots?

Once you have registered in the online casino of your choice and you have gotten your bonus, it is time to start trying your luck with the online slots.  First of all, budget your bankroll in advance of each playing session, and then stick to it. This way you won’t play with money you don’t actually have. Aside from determining how much money you have to play with, also set aside a time limit. Playing for unlimited hours won’t leave you time to calculate your losses.

You also have to prepare your environment both mentally and physically. Avoid unnecessary distractions like that which can cause you to lose focus. Check your state of mind too, if you are depressed, intoxicated or impaired in any way it will have an adverse effect on your better judgement and you may end up losing far more than you expected to win.

Then start by checking if the slot is playing hot or cold and find out what the slot game return-to-player percentage (RTP%). Familiarise yourself with how each slot game works. Getting to know how the bonus features, scatters and bet limits work is crucial. The easiest way to do so without spending your own cash is by playing it in free play or demo mode.

Another way to learn slots game features is by using any bonus money the casino gives you. This way you will be able to convert your winnings into real cash. Vary your bet sizes – always playing the minimum amount will only give you a small payout when you eventually hit a winning combination.

When you find yourself losing more than you are winning, do not increase your bet size but rather lower it. This will buy you more time to increase the odds in your favour. Always treat gambling sessions independently of each other and remember that there are no “lucky streaks” when it comes to random number generated games.