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4 Features Every Online Casino Must Have

There are a whole host of online casinos these days and navigating which ones to play at can be a real chore. All casinos boast about their features – “we have the best games, best bonuses, best payment methods” etc – but it can be hard to tell fact from fiction.

To help you see the wood for the trees, we’re going to break down 4 essential features we think every online casino must have!

Big or Inventive Welcome Bonus

One of the first things to look out for are welcome bonuses, which are special packages that you will get for signing up. Nearly all casinos offer these sorts of things, but they can differ in the details. 

For instance, it could either be a:

  • First Deposit Bonus– where you are required to make a deposit to activate.
  • No Deposit Bonus– which is something you get for free after registering.

Naturally, the latter is VERY popular!

Also, it’s not just extra bonus money you can receive, but also ‘free spins’. To explain this in full, the Casino Professor has put together a guide to free spins for you to watch:

Range of Payment Options

How many different cards do you have in your wallet? Does that include online wallets too? What about any FinTech apps on your mobile phone? Undoubtedly, we all have plenty of ways we pay for things.

Any good site these days must recognise this fact and be able to accommodate all the possible ways we may want to pay. Visa and MasterCard go without saying, but some platforms offer PayPal, the ability to pay using your mobile phone bill, or special e-vouchers.

You may also want your casino to accept cryptocurrencies. Although Bitcoin price fluctuations mean that it can be potentially volatile, there is undoubtedly a strong contingent of gamers who are making the move to Bitcoin. However, only somesites are accommodating for this.

Loyalty Scheme or Storyline

Many casinos have loyalty schemes which are like store points. The more you play, the more loyalty points you earn. You can then trade these in for cash or prizes, and as you earn more, you’ll move up the rankings of these VIP schemes.

Additionally, the most intuitive gambling sites have moved away from this exact model and have adopted a new trend called ‘gamification’. In short, gamification is when you turn an ordinary task into a game-like experience. For online casino, gamification often means turning loyalty schemes into storylines, making the whole experience feel like a separate game itself.

Something Unique!

But all of the above are (becoming) pretty standard these days, so what’s the next stage of iGaming innovation? Well, often it’s an add-on to what’s already there!

For example, gamification is great – but what good is it getting a bonus that doesn’t interest you? None at all! To counter this, some of the best allow you to tailor your prizes to your preferences – so you only get free spins if you want them, for example.

…But Where to Find These Kind of Casino Sites?

Now you know the kind of features to expect, what’s the best place to find, compare and contrast?

One option is the aforementioned Casino Professor. There’s tonnes of information available on all the points above within individual reviews of many casinos.

However, they have a few unique features of their own – with the ability to filter between welcome bonuses, free spins, payment methods, game providers and much more.