Free entry tournament – Casino Extreme – Complaints – Latest Casino Bonuses

I made cash deposit at Casino Extreme on 4-9-19 and 4-11-19. I won a free tournament and was awarded 30 free spins after making these deposits and they gave me 29 free spins for deposit bonus and a weekend free spins awarded for all depositors.

I won a free entry tournament couple of days ago which they refuse to pay because its second free tournament won inbetween deposits. They claim that i can not be awarded for 2 free entry tournaments back to back. Their terms and conditions say you may not withdraw from free entry tournaments more than once between deposits which I think it means I can not request more than one withdrawal from free tournament winnings and I have never requested a withdrawal from free tournaments yet.

Can they refuse to pay me the prize because I won 2 free entry tournaments? What about I made 2 deposits back to back and did not get any free spins from one of the 2 deosits I made?