STHLM Releases the Perfect Catch for Casino Players – News

There are plenty of sports-themed slots out there on the net, and yes, some of those do cover fishing as a theme. A good number of these releases have come from notable software providers, but none have really stood out. Leave it to a small-scale software provider to develop the one which does just that.

Debuting at casino sites this week is STHLM’s new Perfect Catch slot. The title is rather poetic, considering that the early indications are good that this release will go on to be something of a surprise package, and perfect catch to boot.

Reel In a Winning Combo

The new STHLM slot is based not just on fish, but all manner of other things you might hook in a typical lake or pond. There are open tins, rusty hooks, old leathery boots, frogs, an, of course, various fish symbols.

Twenty paylines are there for players to bet on, with wagers ranging from 20p a game up to no more than £100 a spin. When playing with the maximum bet, it is possible for players to come away with a non-progressive haul worth around £12,500 in all. Naturally, lobsters rank as the best-paying icons in the game.

Excellent Features in a More Than Decent Slot

An ample number of special symbols appear on the reels here. Fish icons can appear on the second, third and fourth reels, offering a re-spin before turning themselves into wilds. Red fish can offer win multipliers which boost your prizes by 2x up to 5x. Yellow fish can provides multipliers worth up to 25x, and blue fish offer 1-2 extra wilds on the reels. Those wilds can replace all others barring free spin icons.

The free spin symbols appear on the final reel and will dish out 8, 12, 20 or 30 free spins when they appear on the reels. The number of spins you get depends on whatever number is highlighted on the free spin icon.

Perfect Catch Floats to the Surface This Week

Of all the fishing-themed slots out there on the net, who would have thought that STHML would produce what is arguably one of the best of the bunch? The plentiful supply of features pay out with impressive regularity, and that makes all the difference to players operating on tight budgets. The only downside to the game is that there aren’t like to be too many casinos offering it on launch day.